We are The Young Gardener, an internet spin off of the Gardener’s Mail. We thought it was about time children who shared this hobby had a place to come together to share tips and their own gardening success.

We are also a great place for adults to meet, especially if you have children in your life, as we bring you the best tips and advice so you can work with your children and enjoy this fabulous hobby together.

Behind the scenes we have a family, a mum a dad, a teenager, a young girl and  a toddler, all of whom are at different stages of their love of the garden. We believe that anyone can enjoy gardening with a little patience and we’re here to celebrate those who do.

From growing the biggest sunflower to building the best birdhouse, we will be running competitions throughout the year. We’re really not just for kids, we’re for anyone who has young people in their lives or feels young at heart.

Please get involved, we keep all your information secure and we’d love to hear about your gardening. In the case of children we suggest a parent joins alongside so you can reassure yourself of site content. We’re very strict, allowing only nice people into our site and we never spam you with silly emails as quite simply, we’d rather be out in the garden. Come join in!

By Martina Mercer

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