We’ve moved, from the Manor House to a farm and now we have a Herculean task on our hands but we’re not complaining!

The farm is really a smallholding yet it is completely overgrown, which seems a shame as every job is fraught with bramble and nettle danger.

Here’s a little look at it before we started our makeover:

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Now we’ve begun and we’ve made some great discoveries. We’ve found Roman cobbles underneath weeds and fruit trees in the orchard, along with a natural stream that was blocked but is now running free.

We’ve spent days cutting back, strimming and pruning and have used a multitude of tools. Luckily WORX came to our rescue with a chargeable hedge trimmer as we kept cutting through the power cord of the other. It’s no fun dragging an extension lead with you when carrying out an attack on trees.

We’ve also powered up the petrol chainsaw, after fighting with a Jerry Can for ten minutes in the petrol station. Advice from Wrong Fuel Expert came in very handy here.

The Plan

The plan now is to uncover what lies beneath. We’re taking many trees back to ground level as some shouldn’t have grown at all. Their roots have uplifted the dry stone walls and there’s a lot of repairs to be done but we’re certain we’ll get there. We have areas for the whole garden.

Such as:

The Secret Garden

This was initally an overgrown mass of moss and brambles. It’s such a lovely place as it is sheltered from the wind while still getting a good deal of sunlight. When we started to remove the moss from the gravel, we found roman cobbles underneath and so now we have the uneviable task of uncovering them all. It’s a slow process but worth it.

For some reason in the midst of the cobbles there is a huge concrete slab. This may have been a recent repair after digging for pipes, we’re really not sure. Anyhow, Rust-oleum have brought out some great paints that we plan to use to make a mural, to add colour and a touch of personalisation.

The Lego Barn

We have plenty of barns, each with their own use. One is a Lego Barn. Already we’ve had a new floor installed and the murals painted on the wall. Now we’re constructing lego to make an entire miniature village. We will open it to the public in January.

The Play Barn

We have a very long barn that is ideal for scooters and wheely toys. We have made it water tight and stopped it from flooding. This will also be opened when ready.

The Pet Barns

We’ve had two recent additions to the family, Egg and Chips are our new pigs. They’ve taken a barn and unless we want to see our hard work demolished quite quickly, we’re planning on penning them in. They have free reign at the moment!

The Worx Cordless Hedge Trimmer made short work of overgrown brambles

The Animals

We already have our rabbit run, yet our ducks are swimming in a paddling pool. We have plans for a pond!

The Playground

We’ve made a good start on the playground. We have swings and a slide. A sandpit and Wendy house. We’ll be adding more as we go along.


We’ve already uncovered a lot of lovely plants. Decades ago this garden was loved. Unfortunately for the last 15 years it has been left to the brambles but some roses and bulbs have survived. It’s a pleasure seeing what pops up. Of course, not everything has survived and so we are populating it with a lot of plants. The orchard needs trees as the apples are diseased and need to come out and the new borders we’re creating need filling. Plant Me Now sent some bedding plants that will look nice at the later stages once we’ve incorporated the trees, shrubs and perennials.

We’ll be keeping you updated as we go along with tips on seasonal gardening.

Top Tip for today: Invest in very strong gloves when fighting against brambles and keep sleeves rolled down!