We’re always looking for people to get involved with The Young Gardener and there are many ways in which you can. Our aim is to get more children outside, enjoying nature and going back to basics while enjoying quality family time, or one on one attention from someone who cares. By sharing our hobbies with our children we all benefit in a multitude of ways, as we get to enjoy our favourite things while our children learn valuable new skills.

Here’s how you can get involved with the Young Gardener:

Become a Guest Blogger

We’d love to hear about your own projects or to receive tips from you as a guest blogger. We do have quite strict criteria and do need you to be published elsewhere but you are very welcome to apply.

Join In

If you haven’t the time to become a guest blogger we’d love it if you joined us on Facebook or Twitter and shared your stories with our followers. Let us know what you’re upto with your children in the garden and give others advice on how to get their kids outside.

Enter Our Competitions

Children love competitions which is why we have many. Keep your eyes peeled.

Visit Us

Make an appointment and come and spend a few hours on our farm. We have wellies, you bring the enthusiasm. Be warned, it’s not a spectator sport we expect you to join in!

Donate to Us

We are a non profit magazine (which is why you don’t see any advertising) and we help schools, families and communities to develop their passion for gardening through our online magazine. We’re fortunate enough to have had donations from great brands such as Worx, Fiskars and High Tec to help us in the garden. We do of course, promote these brands heavily on site when we receive a donation. If you’d like to donate please get in touch with editor@theyounggardener.com

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