Give Your Bantams a New Year Makeover with Diatoms!

Our Bantams are having a lovely winter, with mild conditions affording them a cosy home and even some time on the paddocks.

However the mild conditions as every poultry owner and gardener know bring other concerns that have to be considered.

Mild but Menacing!

Although we’re all enjoying the ice free driving, and the bright sunny mornings, there are other pests and mites that are flourishing in this warm January month and loving the fact that the sub-zero temperatures haven’t arrived to knock them off our chicken’s backs.

Gardeners and vegetable growers understand that without the frost pests will thrive, and although many of us enjoy the extended sunshine, our bantams need some extra care to make sure their unwelcome guests disappear with ease.

In warm conditions mites flourish, and couples with the damp and the winter housing these can easily spread throughout the whole crop. Added to this is the threat of internal worms that will leave a chicken hungry whilst spreading like wild fire within the coop.

However there is on magical formula that has a myriad of uses and ensures that your bantams are squatter free inside and out. Just as you may be envisaging a makeover or a detox for 2012, your chickens will thank you for giving them the same pampering treatment.

Diatomaceous earth or Diatoms is a completely natural powder that originates from naturally occurring silicone rock.

Here’s the science bit

Hard shelled algae make up the rock, and the fossilized remains of these have been ground to present it in its powdered form. It acts by breaking down the exo skeleton of mites, leaving them useless and dead whilst internally it dehydrates worms letting them leave the digestive system naturally.

What it will do for you!

Although used widely for an abundance of complaints, even in humans, this sedimentary substance is best applied to chicken feed to deter and kill any unwelcome invaders, or dusted on feathers to rid bantams of flea’s ticks and mites.

Just one tub of diatoms will ensure you have everything you need to keep your chickens pest free and happy, used internally or externally, diatoms will keep your chickens happy, without mites and will make sure there are no worms feasting from the inside.

A staple supplement for any bantam or chicken breeder, Diatoms is one product that should be kept along with your feathered friends throughout the year!

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