An Interview with Tommy Walsh

By Martina Mercer We interviewed Tommy Walsh to find out what gardening products he doesn’t like to live with out and if customer care would put him off a brand. We’re happy to say he was a very down to earth, feet on the ground celebrity with an obvious love for all things outdoor! Wait […]

Hedgehog Friendly Gardening Tips

Do you love to garden with the kids over the summer holidays? Choose the right plants, shrubs and hedges and you could help save hedgehogs where you live. Hedgehogs are in decline according to Hedgehog Street, a joint initiative led by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and People’s Trust for Endangered Species, with numbers reduced […]

Mobile App Encourages Youngsters to Share Secrets

A new app offering a safe and anonymous place for teenagers to post their secrets and anxieties has been launched. ‘Silent Secret’ is aimed at 11-19 year olds and was developed by young entrepreneur Seun Oshinaike as part of the Public Service Launchpad Accelerator which is supported by Ashrammoseley, part West Midlands’ housing organisation, the Accord […]

How to Please Yourself While Pleasing the Children Too

Please Yourself While Pleasing the Children This last week I’ve been stepping out into the garden a lot more as the weather has become pleasantly warm. It’s no secret that I work 8-6 every weekday writing so when I do have any time off I’m usually surrounded by my three adorable children (*cough). This of […]

We’re Wasting £600million Per Year on Our Gardens

BLOOM OR BUST: OVER £600M WASTED EACH YEAR ON BRITISH GARDENS Brits’ green-fingered efforts wilt in national knowledge crisis wasting millions each year 16 May 2016 – Brits are wasting an estimated £672m per year on their gardens according to new research out today by gardening experts Gardena. The excessive cost is a result of […]

RocketGarden Wants to Help Schools Grow their Own

Rocket Gardens Launches Crowdfunding Campaign #schoolvegpledge drive aims to help 125,000 school pupils grow their own food                                                                                                      Cornwall based organic food business Rocket Gardens has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £50,000 for an innovative project that will see 125,000 school children growing their own organic veg in 2016. With the help of schools, businesses […]

New Video Gardening Series for Young Homeowners

Origin, a British manufacturer of bi-fold doors, windows and blinds, has launched a series of ‘how to’ gardening videos with Chelsea Flower Show gold award winner and Director of the Young Horticultural Society, Jack Shilley. The series, named ‘The Great Gardening Gap’, is designed to give young homeowners the knowledge and confidence to get into […]