Home Made Composts for Your Garden (Warning- it’s a bit yucky!)

By Martina Mercer There are many different forms of homemade compost out there, and many ways in which you can take unwanted rubbish and turn it into a fertilizer or compost for your plants. However, which does what, and what compost and fertilizer is best for your plot? Whether you garden on a balcony from a […]

A Realist’s Look at Keeping Livestock

For the majority of us that regularly tend to our vegetable patch or spend our spare minutes in the garden there comes a time when we decide we want to share it with something else. It seems that no sooner have we perfected the lawn and trimmed planted the borders that we feel the need […]

How to Please Your Perennial Plug Plants

By Martina Mercer After chatting about the benefits of perennial plug plants, hopefully you’re armed with little boxes of plugs that don’t look like something you’d buy in an electrical shop and eager to create your instant landscape you want to plonk them in the ground as soon as possible, however, there are some general tips […]

How to Grow Your Own in a Small or Established Garden

Those in rented property often don’t have permission to dig up the lawn to create a vegetable patch, leaving them with no choice but to live with the flower borders and bushes of someone else’s landscaping dreams. However there are ways you can grow your own in amongst the buddleias and the heathers, giving an […]

The Secrets of the Silkie Bantam

The Secrets of the Silkie Bantam! A noble bantam the Silkie is a fantastic addition to any brood of chickens. In a variety of colours, the Silkie will strut proudly across any paddock giving a fabulous display of their fashionable feathers. With fluffy feet and tiny beak the Silkie Bantam could be mistaken for being […]

The Big Garden Makeover – Week 1

We’ve moved, from the Manor House to a farm and now we have a Herculean task on our hands but we’re not complaining! The farm is really a smallholding yet it is completely overgrown, which seems a shame as every job is fraught with bramble and nettle danger. Here’s a little look at it before […]