May is such a wonderful time for gardeners and also very busy. Finally the growth speeds up and as jobs are completed the fruits of our labour are showcased around us. It can be a full time job keeping on top of everything, yet when the weather is good it’s one that we’d all do every day if only we had the time.

We may have had a long winter yet May gardening jobs still beckon. You’ve probably already enjoyed the first mow of the lawn, the smell of freshly cut grass and the first fresh beer or juice on the patio.

Here are some more jobs to catch up on in May, however do keep an eye on the temperatures as although it is very mild, we can be caught unaware!

Your Flowers

Your perennials have been growing as you’ve hibernated and now need a little attention. It’s time to treat your climbers, feed your roses and pamper the plants.

  • Tie up climbers to trellis; this will also help if we experience any strong winds.
  • You should now be able to plant out many pot grown plants such as roses, shrubs and perennials. If in doubt, keep them in pots for a few more weeks on the patio or near the back door just until the threat of frost has really gone.
  • Add compost and feed to beds and borders. A slow release feed is ideal as it will now last until October.


Your Food

Dare we say it? It’s time to get the tomatoes out. Buy your grow bags, pick a spot against the wall and wait for the ripe fruit to appear (we’ll give you tips on pruning throughout the season).

If you missed the early crops of beans and peas due to the long winter don’t worry. Every crop has late starters so you can now plant potatoes, broad beans, sugar snaps and more. Don’t forget squashes, marrows and courgettes!

It’s also time to start your salad rotation with fast vegetables that seem to grow before our very eyes. Beetroot, lettuce and radish will be ready to eat in four weeks, as will rocket- a salad leaf we’ve all missed over winter.

Your Lawn

The lawn could also do with some special attention. Consider some lawn care that eradicates weeds and moss. Also think about aerating the lawn if you’ve noticed frost damaged areas. A quick way to restore a lawn that has suffered from the winter or from compaction is to aerate it and then generously scatter grass seed which will fill in any missing gaps.

Birds do enjoy a bit of grass seed so it may also be time to consider making fat balls and filling up the feeders so they leave your new lawn alone!

Whatever work you do in the garden this May, don’t forget to take a little time out at the end of the day to relax and appreciate the fruits of your labour!


Published by Martina Mercer

Martina is a marketing consultant, SEO expert and freelance copywriter who enjoys gardening in her spare time. She especially likes to combine the joy of gardening with spending quality time with the children so everyone benefits from exercise and a good dose of fresh air daily. Martina is also the editor of Sunday Woman Magazine the luxury lifestyle mag for over 30 women with a brain :)

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