Help give birds a beautiful home with new RSPB garden bird and hedgehog hedging packs

Want to help your local bird population to thrive by doing your bit for nature? Online hedge growers and suppliers Best4hedging have launched special, bird-friendly hedging packs that have been approved by the RSPB, for their ability to provide all the shelter and food sources that your feathered friends and other garden visitors need, all year round.

The Economy, Flowering and Ultimate bird-friendly hedging bundles, priced from £32.99 plus VAT, were created in conjunction with the RSPB’s conservation team, ensuring that the diverse range of hedge species encourage all types of birds and wildlife to flourish in support of the RSPB’s campaign to ‘give nature a home’.

The several varieties of hedging plants in each of the exclusive packs are grown peat free, providing food for birds in the form of berries, seeds and sloes and also by attracting insects to the plants.

With dense foliage perfect for nesting sites, the hedges are also a welcome home to other garden animals like hedgehogs, whilst bringing colour and ornamental interest to the garden throughout the seasons.

Every RSPB hedge pack sold at, which was selected by the RSPB as exclusive licence holder for hedging, includes a donation to the charity to help continue the mission of protecting wildlife and giving nature a home.
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The RSPB has more than 1 million members and over 15 million annual web visitors a year, making it the largest wildlife conservation charity in Europe. For more information about the RSPB or its Give Nature a Home campaign, visit

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