Let’s face it, oil tanks or LPG gas cylinders are quite an eyesore in the garden. Even in the dark green, the oil tank must sit on cinder blocks and so attracts unwanted attention. What can you do to hide these monstrosities while staying safe and ensuring your efforts don’t attract unwanted attention from little ones?

The Dangers of LPG Gas and Oil Tanks in the Garden

If properly installed and maintained, an oil tank or LPG cylinder will not pose much risk to little children, as long as they stay away. Just as you wouldn’t want your little one playing with the combi boiler inside the home, they should also be discouraged from touching or playing near an oil tank or LPG gas. There are hazards associated with these, especially if naked flames are involved (the chances are your little one won’t be playing with naked flames anyway), and they can be quite bulky and pulled over if not stable enough. For peace of mind, it’s best to keep children well away from the fuel for the home. How can we do this while still making them seem attractive while hiding their ugliness?

Make Sure You Check Rules and Regulations

Before you build any structure around your oil tank or LPG gas, make sure you follow guidelines. Both need easy access for replacement or filling, while there shouldn’t be any structure actually touching the tank or gas cylinders. If you are worried about safety, you can add a door with a lock, so little ones don’t gain access to the fuel. You can give a key to your regular supplier and keep one for yourself.

The Best Colours for Garden Structures

The ideal way to hide an oil tank or gas cylinder is to create a bespoke structure that can be accessed from the top and the side. Once the structure is complete, you should choose neutral exterior paint, so it blends in with your house, your garden, and doesn’t look attractive to little eyes. You can choose the same colour as your house, or that of your window sills, or you can choose from a range of pastel garden shades. A sage green or misty grey will make sure it looks neutral all year round.

Growing Plants up The Structure

You can grow plants up the structure but bear in mind that these will have to be maintained. Climbers such as ivy and Virginia creepers can infiltrate structures and cause problems if they wind around the tank or cylinders. Make sure the access is always clear, and train plants properly so they don’t interrupt the use of these essential items.

However you choose to hide your heating appliances, remember, that with a good, functioning boiler, these provide you with a snug and cosy home in the winter when you can’t get out into the garden. They’re a part of the family home.

Published by Martina Mercer

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