Good to be Home, the digital magazine of Anglian Home Improvements, have produced an interactive vegetable growing guide that allows users to create a personalised guide based on where they live, what they want to grow and where they want to grow it.
Growing your own veg is simple when you know how!
In August 2014, Good to be Home created a vegetable growing cheat sheet that went viral, getting featured on publications such as The Huffington Post, was viewed online more than 3 million times and shared over 500,000 times across social media. To see the original guide,click here.
However, due to the varying climate and seasonal variations around the world, many people requested a version that could give them a more bespoke guide, specific to where they live.
The new guide allows users to specify whether they live in the UK, the US or Australia, if they have a cool or warm climate, where they will be growing their vegetables (plot garden, patio garden, greenhouse, indoor), and what they want to grow (root vegetables, leaf vegetables, bulbs, legumes, cereals, etc).
It will then produce a personalised vegetable growing guide with information about when to plant and harvest, spacing, germination time, recommended pot size, companion plants, pests to look out for, and much more. You can then print off the guide and share it on social media.
The guide was created to encourage young and old people to get out into their gardens and grow their own vegetables, helping to promote a healthy lifestyle and to save money. Gardening is also a great activity to do with children and grandchildren.
Good to be Home have also produced a static herb growing guide, and plans for the future include integrating this into the interactive guide. Check out the herb growing cheat sheet by clicking here.

Published by Martina Mercer

Martina is a marketing consultant, SEO expert and freelance copywriter who enjoys gardening in her spare time. She especially likes to combine the joy of gardening with spending quality time with the children so everyone benefits from exercise and a good dose of fresh air daily. Martina is also the editor of Sunday Woman Magazine the luxury lifestyle mag for over 30 women with a brain :)