How to Make Money on Plants You Own

One of the best advantages of gardening is that no matter what your budget you can enjoy it while enjoying an incredible return on your investment in plants.

There are so many ways to make your plants go further so you don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds at a garden centre every time you fancy a change. Even if you believe you don’t have any plants to start from you’ll be surprised what people leave behind when you look a bit closer. The dividing hedge for example can provide cuttings for box hedging for impressive topiary while the elder that’s taken over can produce incredible elder flower wine!

Here are the most popular ways to save.

Divide and Multiply

There are many plants that will divide very easily, allowing you to make two, three, four or even five new plants from one clump. Despite popular belief this isn’t a gentle operation, simply dig up and pull two sides of the plant aside including roots. Repeat if you think it is big enough, then replant in position (or in pots) with lots of lovely compost. (Your own of course!)

Harvest and Scatter

From annual bedding plants to luscious perennials many shrubs and flowers go to seed eventually. From one single plant, you could harvest hundreds, if not thousands of seeds which is an incredible return!

Some can be scattered immediately, such as poppy seeds and foxgloves however others will have better success if dried or frozen over winter before being started in pots indoors. Check online which method to use and see how many new plants you can grow from that single one.

Take Root

Many plants are gracious enough to allow you to take cuttings. This is often viewed as the most risky procedure as results are not always guaranteed. You won’t harm the original plant though so you have nothing to lose!

You can also encourage new roots for plants that have runners, such as strawberries by burying their tendrils underground where they’ll form a whole new plant you can dig up and reposition!

Swap It

If you have an abundance of one type of plant and would like a change, get together with family, friends and neighbours and swap your seeds, cuttings, clump divides and plants. It’s completely free and a great way to socialise!

Tax Benefits

According to a statement released by Tax Rebate Services, you can now earn up to £1000 in sales of your own stock, produce or creative endeavours before you need to declare your income to the inland revenue. If you believe you could make a real business out of selling your plants, or, if you would like to discover more tax benefits of going self employed, pop over to the accountancy services blog, and try out the tax calculators to see how much you could earn and save, you may even be entitled to a tax refund.



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