The Proper Polish Bantams

The smallest of the bantam family in terms of body size, The Polish Bantams have a different look to many other varieties due to their array of different styles of top knots.


There’s still quite a lot of debate about the origin of the Polish Bantam, however one thing has been decided on and that is that they do not originate from Poland as the name implies. Breeders believe their genealogy dates back to Russia or Netherlands, although research into their origination continues.

Funky Features

The Polish Bantam is very small, hardly bigger than a twenty week old chick, and their top knots set them apart from all others. They have tufts on top which can make them look much taller than they actually are. They weigh very little, with the maximum weight of 30 ounces; they really are an ornamental breed of bantam.

Polish Protection

The Polish Bantam needs very little care as they are quite independent. They are very tame, and easy to handle too. As they are small it’s best to keep them with other small bantams rather than with normal sized chickens, especially domineering roosters.

Tickling Traits

The Polish Bantam’s inability to see at times due to their long and sometimes wild top knots mean can become quite skittish. They like to forage, and love coupledom, you’ll often see husband and wife together as they raid the garden.

Languid Laying

Although the Polish Bantam will lay plenty of eggs for the home, they do not make good mothers. They do not sit on even the most fertilized of eggs so a little human intervention is needed if you want to multiply the brood. An incubator will successfully hatch eggs.

Tufty Types

As Polish Bantams are most known for their top knots, the varieties they come in are all easily distinguishable by colours.

There are:

  • Blue
  • Buff Laced
  • Golden
  • Silver
  • White Crested Blue
  • White Crested White
  • White Crested Black

For a truly decorative paddock these ornamental Polish Bantams are a must!



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