Rocket Gardens Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

#schoolvegpledge drive aims to help 125,000 school pupils grow their own food                                                                                                     

Cornwall based organic food business Rocket Gardens has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £50,000 for an innovative project that will see 125,000 school children growing their own organic veg in 2016.

With the help of schools, businesses and individuals who make a #schoolvegpledge, Rocket Gardens will sow, grow and deliver Instant School Veg Gardens to schools across the UK. A Rocket Gardens Instant School Veg Garden is a box bursting with seasonal organic baby vegetable plants ready to pop straight in the ground or pots and containers, suitable for every school whether based in an inner city or rural hamlet.

For every £100 raised, Rocket Gardens will send one school a Spring garden followed later by an Autumn garden, so pupils can enjoy growing their own food all year round.  Each garden also includes lots of support for teachers, including comprehensive growing guides, lesson plans, recipe ideas and top tips.

Mike Kitchen, founder of Rocket Gardens, explains:  “I love seeing the pleasure my four children get from growing and harvesting fresh vegetables, and I passionately believe it’s vital to teach all children how to grow their own food. They are excited to eat healthy food when they’ve grown it themselves and also learn that vegetables don’t need to be covered with pesticides or wrapped in masses of packaging. It’s also brilliant to see children learning there is more to veg than just peas and carrots, as our veg gardens offer an exciting array of flavours some children may never have experienced before, such as beetroot and pak choi.”

Rocket Gardens is offering rewards to those who make a #school vegpledge. Pledge £30 and you’ll receive your very own Mini Veg Garden packed full of tasty treats including summer salads. Pledge £100 to get your hands on a Gourmet Veg Garden and an Instant School Veg Garden for a school of your choice. Pledge £500 and you’ll be the proud owner of the Ultimate Rocket Garden, an Instant School Veg Garden for a school of your choice plus an invitation for you and five guests to enjoy a free camping holiday on Rocket Farm in Cornwall!

For a full list of rewards and to help schoolchildren across the UK learn to grow their own food, visit and make a #schoolvegpledge today.

Published by Martina Mercer

Martina is a marketing consultant, SEO expert and freelance copywriter who enjoys gardening in her spare time. She especially likes to combine the joy of gardening with spending quality time with the children so everyone benefits from exercise and a good dose of fresh air daily. Martina is also the editor of Sunday Woman Magazine the luxury lifestyle mag for over 30 women with a brain :)