How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Space for your Cat

Cat-loving gardeners can pick up tips for creating the perfect outdoor space for their cat when Cats Protection visits the Southport Flower Show this summer. The charity will be on hand with ideas and planting suggestions for green-fingered visitors to the event, at Victoria Park, Southport, from 20-23 August. As well as gardening tips, cat […]

A Realist’s Look at Keeping Livestock

For the majority of us that regularly tend to our vegetable patch or spend our spare minutes in the garden there comes a time when we decide we want to share it with something else. It seems that no sooner have we perfected the lawn and trimmed planted the borders that we feel the need […]

The Secrets of the Silkie Bantam

The Secrets of the Silkie Bantam! A noble bantam the Silkie is a fantastic addition to any brood of chickens. In a variety of colours, the Silkie will strut proudly across any paddock giving a fabulous display of their fashionable feathers. With fluffy feet and tiny beak the Silkie Bantam could be mistaken for being […]