Grow Your Own Italian Herbs

Grow Your Own Italian Herbs It’s no secret that we think the freshest ingredients are the best, our partnership with Family Mealtimes shows that, however laying your hands on great organic produce can be tricky. The supermarket versions of live herbs seem to last only a week on the window sill and the flavours are […]

Vegetables for Border Beauty

Vegetables for Border Beauty I started planting vegetables in my flower borders when I had a tiny garden and wanted to maximise the space. However I now have a rather large acre with a substantial vegetable patch yet I still choose to integrate vegetables into the flower borders. Nothing beats the thrill of watching a […]

How to Grow Your Own in a Small or Established Garden

Those in rented property often don’t have permission to dig up the lawn to create a vegetable patch, leaving them with no choice but to live with the flower borders and bushes of someone else’s landscaping dreams. However there are ways you can grow your own in amongst the buddleias and the heathers, giving an […]