The Best Petrol Powered Garden Machinery

The Best Petrol Powered Garden Machinery

Being in the “fuel” market we hear a lot about petrol-powered tools and so today are sharing our opinion of the best petrol-powered machinery on the market at the moment.

Petrol Lawn Mower

There are many petrol mowers available to buy however this one from Hecht is one which has hit our radar several times, along with glowing reviews about its performance. A self-propelled lawn mower with a 4 stroke OHV petrol engine the Hecht 546 SXW practically glides around your garden and produces a superior cut.

With low to moderate noise levels and an engine which starts first time most of the time and needs only a second pull a second time, this model is highly regarded and leaves you with an unbeatably smooth lawn.

Leaf Blowers and Vacs

There are so many similar makes and models of vacs and blowers on the market, all of which offer similar specifications and  that makes narrowing down the “best” one quite the job. From a user’s point of view what you are looking for here is a machine which does the job quickly, efficiently and with the minimum amount of fuss. Search online reviews for user experiences and remember to also compare prices.

The Petrol Powered Multi-Tool

Saving space in your shed or workshop and money in your wallet this petrol-powered multi-tool offers attachments for pruning, hedge-trimming, a brush cutter, line cutter and more with an eleven piece maintenance tool kit which includes 2 screwdrivers, a socket plug wrench, 2 hex keys, 5 pins, a nut, a spark plug wrench as well as a harness and storage bag.
The loop handle makes it easier to hold and use for precision work and the engine is a 1.1hp 2-stroke petrol engine.

A perfect gift to yourself or someone else this Titan TTK587GDo petrol landscaping multi-tool could be just what you’ve been looking for.

When Petrol Power isn’t an Option

If you aren’t convinced by petrol powered garden tools, perhaps being worried about refilling, spilling or using the wrong fuel (we aren’t able to come to drain your lawnmower unfortunately) perhaps some of these electric-powered alternatives would be preferable?

 is a well-known and much respected name in the tool world hence why we are using their tools as examples of great garden power tools.

Garden Shredders

For active gardeners who are constantly cutting back and maintaining their outdoor space a garden shredder is a must. Not only do they make clearing up quicker and easier, they compact the garden waste which makes it easy to dispose of, especially if using a council wheelie bin.

This model from Worx, the WG401E ZIP Shredder offers a quieter and more efficient shredding experience, with safety systems built in and reverse functions which reduce the risk of jamming. An LED screen is used to maximise your feed rate as well as also reduce the risk of twigs and garden matter being jammed.

 Cordless Mowers

If what you are looking for is a mower that will allow you to mow the whole garden without a bothersome extension lead and yet you don’t fancy a petrol motor why not look at the Worx battery powered WG775E Eco 24v lawn mower? A powerful rechargeable battery allows you to get on your way without fuss and with each charge cutting as much as 500 square metres the convenience is unbeatable.

Tax Breaks for Self Employed Gardeners

If you are a self employed gardener, you could be entitled to a tax refund on tools, your uniform or your travel. Check out the tax calculators at Tax Rebate Services to see if you have a tax refund due!

As with all purchases make sure you check the suitability of an item out for yourself, read reviews and make sure that an item does what you need it to do.

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