This guest post has been written for us by the team at Business Save who are experts in finding the best tariffs for business gas and electricity customers as well as residential bill payers. For those who spend a lot of time trying to keep their workshop warm, whether it is a place for hobbies and general household maintenance or whether you are running a business out of it these tips could be helpful.

Generally speaking working outside or in the garage / Man Den or workshop you are going to find that the temperature is somewhat less comfortable than it is indoors. While the temptation is to ditch your tools and race indoors, it might be worth considering some of these tips for staying warm while working outside in winter.

Layer Up
A very simple solution yet very effective, layering up will keep you much warmer than simply wearing your usual working garb. If you find yourself working outside for periods of time in the cold dress accordingly. Consider fingerless gloves, thermals, a hat; anything that will keep you warm while working in your workshop or outside yet won’t impede your movement or safety is a great idea.

Insulating your workshop will not only reduce draughts, it will retain the heat you and any heating appliances generate, keeping your work space longer while ultimately costing you less.

Eliminate any leftover draughts by plugging up holes and using appropriate draught excluders for a working workshop.

 Don’t Waste Heat
Keep your workshop warm by not wasting heat. Close doors properly, plug up any holes, put boarding up to add an extra layer of protection and check around and underneath doors and windows for bothersome draughts. Once you have decided on your heating method of choice don’t waste the heat by not properly maintaining your workshop and letting warmth escape easily.

 Use an Appropriate Heating Source
There are a number of ways to heat a workshop, from wall mounted oil fired radiators to electric plug in fan heaters to a variety of log burners. Keep the cost of keeping warm in winter down by researching all of these options properly to assess the set up and running costs of each, as well as looking realistically at how many hours you will be spending in the workshop during the winter months.

 Cash in On Business Energy Savings
If your workshop or garage is a commercial work space it might be that you are eligible to take advantage of the business gas and electricity rates offered to those who run their own business. To find out if you are get in touch with our energy consultants at Business Save who will talk through your business details and if appropriate will work to compare a number of providers, finding the very best deal for you and your business.